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We sell fully steel belted replacement rubber tracks

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We are a major supplier of machinery parts and accessories for all of our supported manufacturers

About Us

Situated just 4 miles away from the M4 corridor in the picturesque valley of Cwmbran, Dunrave Plant Services has worked tirelessly to provide contractors plant and supporting services to the construction sector for over a decade.

Our team, some now older than they like to think, have been in the plant industry since the start of their working life.

We’d like to think they know a thing or two when it comes to understanding your needs!

Since our inception, we have formed many strong relationships with both customers and suppliers alike and consider these people as part of our family rather than just associates, suppliers and clients.

We do it because we love the industry…The machinery, the people and the muck and grease but most of all, we love helping our customers to complete each of their projects with the use of our products, assistance and services.

Our knowledge makes your life easier…

We believe that construction equipment is there to help you work smarter not harder and technology is moving at a fast pace. Manufacturers are continuously improving on existing models and launching new products.

With our experience, Dunrave will advise you on the best choice of product for your line of work and keep you updated on new developments, models and technology available and upcoming in the market. This includes a range of zero emissions equipment which not only protects the environment but can help you obtain contracts where noise and emissions are a factor.

The future…

 Quite simply, the best way to predict the future is to create it!

Keep in touch with us and connect on social media to keep updated on our latest news.

Our plans for 2023 and beyond are to grow so we offer you even more than we do today and we want you to be with us all the way!

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