Wheel Loaders

Wheel loader WL20: Agile in the most confined spaces

The Wacker Neuson WL20 wheel loader can be used with great versatility – even in the narrowest passageway. And not only that: even in confined spaces, the wheel loader delivers first-class work results, impressive down the line. Beside high levels of working comfort and outstanding safety standards, the WL20 wheel loader offers exceptional maneuverability, off-road capability and speed, saving space in application.

Wheel loader WL20e: Electric, practical, emission-free

The WL20e is the first exclusively electric-powered wheel loader by Wacker Neuson. Its performance features are equal to those of a conventional diesel-powered machine; the tipping load is even increased due to the higher operating weight. The WL20e works fully emissions-free on site and with significantly lower noise pollution. For the end user, this means greater flexibility in application, environmental protection and significant savings on operating costs.

Wheel Loader WL25: The wheel loader for more versatility

Confined spaces require one thing in particular: a high level of flexibility. This is exactly what the Wacker Neuson WL25 wheel loader offers with its three different operator’s cabs. You can choose from a cab a fixed operator’s canopy or a fold-down operator’s canopy. This way, the machine can be adapted individually to the respective work environment.

Wheel Loader WL28: Compact and Powerful

Transporting heavy loads through tight spaces is the ideal operational area for the WL28 wheel loader. It can easily handle pallets of paving stones or other material up to 1.6 metric tons. The electronically-controlled travel drive with various travel modes enables extremely productive work using the machine. The low-designed cab ensures excellent visibility and high tipping loads. Because of the outstanding visibility, the machine offers exceptional safety during operation. The low operating weight also allows the WL28 to be transported on a car trailer.

Wheel Loader WL32: Versatile and powerful tool carrier

The WL32 wheel loader is the ideal partner when it comes to handling a wide range of different work tasks. It is well suited to transport material, green area maintenance with a mulcher and mower and especially snow removal services. Because of its compact dimensions, particularly the narrow width of the machine, it can be used with snowplow on sidewalks. With up to 100 l/min hydraulic output, it can efficiently operate demanding attachments such as a snow blower.

Wheel Loader WL34: The ideal entry-level model

Low profile design, outstanding economic efficiency and maximum performance in loading and transporting are key benefits of the WL34 wheel loader. It is the ideal entry-level model in the compact class with 0,6 m3 bucket capacity. It combines power, reliable hydraulics and compact dimensions with sophisticated technology and a convincing price-performance ratio. A durable tool that efficiently manages a high workload.

Wheel loader WL38: Extra performance and comfort

The WL38 wheel loader offers with an extraordinarily high hydraulic output and various motors you can select – both the best values in its performance class. With the P-Z kinematics, the WL38 offers high breakout forces and first-class parallel guidance. All this combined makes for impressive performance, allowing the flexible use of attachments. The machine is ideally equipped for different work tasks. The cab, with its extremely generous design, offers the operator extra comfort and ergonomics and makes working with the machine easy.

Wheel loader WL44: Durable and productive

With the entry-level models by Wacker Neuson, you don’t have to do without – especially when it comes to performance. The durable and sophisticated technology of the WL44 wheel loader has proven itself in many applications. This makes it a particularly reliable performance machine in volume business – a cost-benefit calculation that works out. The WL44 is the perfect machine for material transport.

Wheel Loader WL52: Strong machine performance

Beside powerful hydraulics, the WL52 wheel loader offers extremely easy-to-use joystick pilot control. The cab is characterized by outstanding ergonomics, clear arrangement and comfort. This makes fatigue-free work possible for the operator even on long workdays. The WL52 is a powerhouse, impressive with high breakout forces and large tipping cylinders. Ideally suited for frequent material transport and many loading cycles.

Wheel loader WL54: Robust design and impressive performance

The efficient WL54 wheel loader offers an impressive high economic efficiency and power. It maneuvers quickly, saving time, thus offering first-class work performance. The wheel loader WL54 achieves this with its high lifting and breakout forces as well as high stability – all at a convincing price-performance ratio.

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