Single-direction vibratory plates BPS: Excellent handling and manoeuvrability on soil and asphalt

The BPS series is distinguished by its outstanding handling capabilities. Moving and turning these vibratory plates on fresh asphalt is unsurpassed in comfort and produces clean finishes with no marks. Even clean finishes at curbs are easy to produce due to the angular side edges of the base plate. The guide handle responds precisely to steering movements while still achieving low hand-arm vibrations of less than 5 m/s², which makes long and comfortable working conditions possible.

Single-direction vibratory plates DPS: Powerful and versatile on all surfaces

The DPS single-direction vibratory plate provides powerful compaction results on soil and asphalt and is ideally suited for use on on top and base layers. It was designed for tough, long-term application on the construction site. The diesel engine, equipped with large power reserves, the wear-resistant base plate from ductile graphite iron (GJS 700), we well as the maintenance-free and durable exciter bearing all contribute to the plate’s long life and durability. The easy to reach throttle lever and vibration damped guide handle offer a high degree of operating comfort.

Single-direction vibratory plates WP: compaction pros

The WP vibratory plate series are the high-performance pros for the compaction of asphalt and light mixed soils as well as compacting over interlocking paving stones. Because of the center-mounted control handle and specially shaped base plate, the WP plates can be easily maneuvered and turned. The heavy-duty design is ideally suited for professional use when compacting mixed soil subbases, walkways, roads and parking lots and for asphalt finishes. Using the wheel set (accessory), the WP plates can be easily moved around the job site by one person.

Light-weight reversible vibratory plates 0 – 300 kg: Excellent compaction results in the tightest spaces

The lightweight reversible vibratory plates are powerful and versatile making them ideal for base preparation, gardening, landscaping and maintenance work on streets, roads and parking lots. The Wacker Neuson vibratory plates in the 25-37 kN class come equipped with a sturdy, integrated wheel set. This unique feature provides mobility on the construction site Due to their compact design and excellent maneuverability, the lightweight reversible vibratory plates are ideal for the compaction of trenches, sidewalks and other confined areas. Well though-out design make them the ideal compaction machine for professional applications.

Medium-weight reversible vibratory plates 300 – 600 kg: Unbeatable on any surface

The medium-weight reversible vibratory plates offer high productivity as a result of its high compaction force in combination with fast forward and reverse travel speeds. They are the all-rounders for all construction sites where high demands are placed on the performance efficiency of a unit. In addition, they offer excellent characteristics in terms of long service life and operating comfort. Optimal application areas are the compaction of frost layers and subbases in street, path and parking lot construction as well as backfilling around buildings. Due to the frequency of 69 Hz, the medium-weight reversible vibratory plates are versatile for many jobs including the compaction over medium and heavy interlocking paving stones.

Heavy-weight reversible vibratory plates > 600 kg: Uncompromising performance with high operating comfort

The heavyweight reversible vibratory plates offer an uncompromisingly strong compaction performance with compact dimensions and a high level of operating comfort. Therefore, they are the compaction machine of choice for demanding compaction work such as road construction. The water-cooled engine provides reliable high performance. Many functional details based on the most modern technologies ensure efficiency on the job and make daily maintenance easier. The product range consists of high-performance, heavy-duty vibratory plates with centrifugal forces ranging from 80 to 130 kilonewtons.

2-stroke rammers: only available from Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson is the only manufacturer to offer 2-stroke rammer technology. We developed the WM80 engine specifically to withstand rugged rammer applications while exceeding current emission regulations. This durable engine has fewer moving parts which means less maintenance and longer life.

The Plus series vibratory rammers are equipped with a separate oil lubrication system that automatically ensures the optimum mixing ratio of the fuel at all times.

4-stroke Rammers: Outstanding work performance and long service life

Wacker Neuson’s 4 stroke rammers characterized by excellent work performance. The long shoe stroke, the high ramming frequency, high impact energy and fast travel speed ensure first-class work results. Well thought-out functions make the use of the 4 stroke rammers even more operator-friendly, extend their service life, and minimize maintenance.

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