Conventional Excavators

Tracked Conventional Excavator 803  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 1.0290 – 1.1150 kg)

The 803 is the smallest Wacker Neuson excavator – but leaves absolutely nothing to be desired in terms of performance. Its narrow width of only 700 mm allows it to fit perfectly through interior doors, while its rubber tracks protect the flooring. Somit passt er perfekt durch Innentüren und schont aufgrund seiner Gummiketten den Bodenbelag. Special attention was paid to the hydraulic performance. Attachments, such as the tuned Wacker Neuson hydraulic breaker, can be operated without any problems using the standard auxiliary hydraulics. With the optional electro-hydraulic unit (HPU), the mini-excavator is ideal for emission-sensitive job sites and can be operated with the same output electrically, with no fumes

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET16  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 1.529 – 1.842 kg)

In addition to its comfortable cabin, the ET16 also impresses with a compact and sturdy design. With a shipping weight of less than 1.6 metric tons, it can be quickly and easily transported from one construction site to the next. It is the ideal companion for any application due to the simple and safe operation. With the load-sensing hydraulic system (LUDV), the joystick movements always remain the same for the operator so that he can work comfortably and fatigue-free.

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET18  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 1.725 – 2.405 kg)

With the excavator ET18, Wacker Neuson sets new standards in the 1.7 to 2.4 metric ton class. The combination of time-tested and proven elements and intelligent development approaches are demonstrated in the extra performance and efficiency. Well thought-out features such as a large cabin and the two-part front windshield mechanism also increase the operator’s comfort.

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET20  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 2.005 – 2.526 kg)

The ET20 compact excavator not only shows what it can do with its powerful drive system, but also offers a variety of innovative features and options. The ET20 achieves excellent excavation results and stability thanks to its specially developed longer travel gear and boom. The hydraulically pilot-operated drive pedals allow the excavator to be controlled precisely with the feet.

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET24  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 2.200 – 2.746 kg)

The ET24 combines the advantages of the lighter weight classes with the power rating of the 2.5-metric ton class. Due to this, it has more lift capacity at a low weight and compact dimensions. This makes it strong and flexible in transport as well as when changing positions. The high excavating and tractive power increases the machine’s productivity, saving time simultaneously. The powerful drive system, together with the intelligent cooling system, allow efficient working cycles, even at high ambient temperatures. Thanks to the generously arranged cab design, the operator has enough freedom of movement for head and legs. The ergonomic seat, individually adjustable, also makes fatigue-free working possible. A variety of options is available for the ET24. The excavator can thus be configured completely according to the customer’s requirements.

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET35  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 3.553 – 4.753 kg)

The tracked excavator in the 3.5-metric ton class impresses with its performance and many well thought-out details. Along with the optimized engine-pump management for up to 15% faster working cycles, the excellent stability and the ergonomically designed cabin ensure efficient and fatigue-free work. Thanks to the numerous options available ex work, the ET35 can also be adapted individually to the customer’s requirements.

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET42  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 4.032 – 5.206 kg)

Full speed ahead: the ET42 mini-excavator combines proven technology with a large dose of innovation to lead the 4-metric ton class. It has the usual high lifting and digging forces, as well as fast work cycles. Thanks to modern technologies, emissions are reduced while efficiency is increased. The ET42’s powerful engine meets Stage V emissions standards. The intuitive operating concept means this powerhouse is both user-friendly and comfortable for the operator, while offering an excellent view of the working area.

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET58  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 5.052– 6.386 kg)

Full speed ahead: The ET58 mini excavator combines proven technology with a large dose of innovation to become a champion in the 5-6-metric-ton class. It has the usual high lifting and digging forces as well as fast work cycles. Thanks to the latest technologies, emissions have been reduced and efficiency has been increased at the same time. The powerful engine meets the Stage 5 emission standards. The excavator also makes an impression in terms of user-friendliness. Work is easy and comfortable due to the intuitive operating concept and the excellent view of the working area.

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET65  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 6.078– 7.358 kg)

The ET65 is the excavator users want. A high-performance machine that surprises with its compact design and manoeuvrability.

The strong excavation performance thanks to high digging forces and the powerful engine are additional plus points that make the excavator an all-rounder on the construction site.

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET90  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 8.710– 10.506 kg)

The fuel consumption of the ET90 is up to 20 percent lower than with comparable models – this reduces the operating costs significantly. At the same time, it produces outstanding results in applications with an excellent engine and hydraulic performance. This efficient combination provides for first-class digging power with up to 20 percent more bucket breakout force. Conversely, the economical load sensing hydraulic system allows for very precise lifting arm movements with full output at the same time. Whether power or precision, the ET90 is exactly the right 9-ton excavator for any application.

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET145  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 15.551 – 17.275 kg)

The ET145 is one of the world’s largest compact excavators, providing the power and performance of a larger model in a more compact package. It offers a perfect balance of power, maneuverability and stability. The ET145 features the most up-to-date innovations for comfortable and intuitive operation to tackle even bigger jobs.

Zero Tail Swing

Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ17  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 1.724 – 2.083 kg)

The EZ17 compact excavator is the most powerful zero tail excavator in its class. The large-volume diesel engine, LUDV (Load Sensing System) and an innovative cooling system provide the highest levels of performance and efficiency. The compact and durable design guarantees a long service life. The EZ17 offers the operator an unrestricted field of vision through the roof window.

Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ17e: Fully electric  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 1.797 – 2.151 kg)

The EZ17e is the first fully electric Zero Tail mini-excavator without rear projection. Due to its zero emissions, it is ideal for indoor applications, as well as in areas where exhaust emissions and noise are restricted. Thanks to the powerful lithium ion battery, it can be used for a typical workday and, if necessary, continue to be used in stationary operation connected to a power source. Due to its patented battery technology with integrated battery heating, the unit can be charged at any power source (100 to 415 volts). This can be done without additional extra work being required and independently of the ambient temperature.

Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ26  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 2.571 – 3.513 kg)

The EZ26 compact excavator offers a modern design, flexibility and operator-friendliness. Need to move to the next job with a trailer? No problem! The low weight of this model allows transport including an attachment with a 3.5-metric ton trailer. An innovative front windshield offers great ventilation for comfort and easier communication between operators and co-workers on the job site. The EZ26 offers exceptional ergonomics with joystick mount, wide cab entry and well-placed operating and display elements.

Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ36  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 3.718 – 4.945 kg)

Get in and start working – with the EZ36, performance meets maximum efficiency. This zero tail excavator is ideal if compact dimensions are needed. Minimal rear overhang makes working along walls and other obstacles an easy task. The machine features intuitive operation using a joystick, display and jog dial, as well as a comfortable working environment. This leaves the operator in full control of the application. Configurable to meet a customer’s requirements, the EZ36 offers dealer-installed options, including a hydraulic thumb and rotating beacon.

Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ50  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 4.847 – 5.855 kg)

Full speed ahead: The EZ50 mini-excavator offers excellent lifting and digging power as well as quick work cycles. Using the newest technologies, the emissions of the mini-excavator were reduced and, at the same time, the efficiency increased. For example, the powerful engine in the EZ50 meets the stage 5 exhaust emission standards. In terms of operator-friendliness, the excavator is impressive. The intuitive operating concept and excellent view of the work area contribute to the easy and comfortable operation of the machine. The EZ50 is also a zero-tail excavator and is well suited for working in narrow spaces.

Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ80  (Operating weight (min.-max.) 7.918 – 9.544 kg)

The EZ80 is the largest Wacker Neuson zero-tail tracked excavator. It combines compact dimensions and low consumption with high performance. With a digging depth of over 4 meters and excellent digging values, excavation work can be completed quickly. Working along walls and other boundaries is no problem because there is no machine rear overhang. Even on narrow urban construction sites, the EZ80 proves itself with its compact dimensions. Moreover, it is impressive due to up to 20% less fuel consumption and thus significantly reduced operating costs.

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