Concrete Technology

Concrete Technology

Internal vibrators: decades of expertise

In the 1930s, Wacker Neuson invented the first internal vibrator. And, more recently, we introduced the first battery-powered backpack internal vibrator, offering cordless and emission-free operation. Our full line of internal vibration systems includes high-cycle/high-frequency and modular flex-shaft systems that provide convenient, flexible operation with high-quality concrete consolidation results.

External vibrators: for concrete in all forms

Consolidating concrete in-situ or precast elements, as well as separating or loosening material are among the many applications for an external vibrator. At Wacker Neuson, we offer a wide selection of powerful external vibrators with various speed and operating voltage versions. Our asynchronous motor with stable speed ensures quality concrete results. Wacker Neuson also offers the right fastening system, so that everything can be safely attached.

Frequency converters: always the right power

With Wacker Neuson’s frequency converters you can easily convert alternating current to three-phase current. Depending on the model, you can use our frequency converters stationary or mobile. They are extremely durable, require minimal maintenance and are, therefore, suited for long-term operation as well as for selective uses.

Modular battery-powered internal vibrator ACBe: Unique freedom of movement

The battery-powered internal vibrator with integrated converter offers the user maximum flexibility on the construction site during concrete consolidation. The operator benefits from greater freedom of movement and an unrestricted work radius because there is no need to pull along a cable or protection hose. This is especially helpful when working on formwork and scaffolding. Remote areas can be accessed without having to route a power supply. The high-performance battery delivers enough energy for a whole workday.

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