Starting from humble beginnings, Director Colin Smith founded Wheatway Solutions Ltd, building Gyru-Star screening buckets on his driveway on ‘The Wheatway Road’. Fast-forward 13 years, Wheatway is now the parent company to four innovative brands & has an extensive worldwide dealer base.

The Gyru-Star screening bucket shell is a steel structure with fully welded joints that has been tested up 1.5x the maximum permissible load.

The Drive Line Uses carbon belts, sealed bearings and self adjusting belt tensioning units. This creates a zero or low maintenance system. Saving you time on setup, there is no lubrication, no adjustment and no mess. 

The Stars Made from polyurethane, the flexible stars create a rolling action which, screens the material without crushing or shredding. 

With three different fragment sizes to choose from;   20-0mm  |  15-0mm  |  10-0mm 

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